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Common Questions

Why should I consider House Calls for my pet's veterinary needs?

There are a thousand reasons you might consider the convenience of a full-service veterinarian that will come directly to your home to care for your animals.

  • Perhaps you have a hectic schedule and just can’t find the time…
  • Maybe you have more than one pet and it’s quite a hassle to get them all to the veterinary office at the same time…
  • Possibly, you have a pet that is difficult to handle or does not travel well…
  • Or perhaps you’re a senior citizen or someone with special needs and you do not have the means to get your pet to an office somewhere

What kind of medical care can I expect from a mobile veterinarian?

Our animals are more than just pets. They’re a valuable part of the family. So it’s important that they receive the same quality medical care as the rest of the family. Just as children need certain vaccinations to stay well, so do our pets require certain shots to ensure a long and healthy life.

Yet, although most people will rush their animals to the vet if they are ill or hurt, many do not keep pace with regular checkups or shots because it is too difficult or time-consuming for one reason or another… House Calls eliminates this dilemma and provides the best quality care available.

Where do you provide veterinary services?

House Calls serves the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio Area including parts of Southeastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky. Call (513) 598-8584 to be certain.


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