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Dr. K provides Routine Checkups, Emergency Care and Surgeries

Doctor K offers complete veterinary care for your dog or cat. Dr. Karen Kowalski has operating privileges (as well as prescription, diet and medication fulfillment) at several clinics in various part of the Greater Cincinnati area and performs surgery on a regular basis at Oak Crest Animal Hospital on Harrison Avenue. Also, Dr. Kowalski makes full use of the extensive veterinarian specialists referral system in Cincinnati. In case of emergency, the doctor can be reached through her service.

Animal House Calls Provides:

  • The best possible care for your pets
  • The highest standard of medicine in the industry
  • Special services for clients with special needs
  • Convenience that saves you valuable time and frustration

Services Provided:

  • Complete physical exams
  • Preventative medicine: flea control, heartworm preventative
  • Internal medicin workups: bloodwork, EKG, urinalysis
  • Senior care: blood pressure, multi organ functions, tips for senior care, weight and diet recommendations
  • Hospice care: quality of life issues, diet and hydration
  • At home euthanasias and cremation available
  • Referrals to local and national specialists in selected fields of specialty
  • Referrals to local groomers, kennels and trainers
  • The highest standard of medicine in the industry

"Shady was such an important part of our family for seventeen years. When it came time to put an end to her pain and suffering from kidney failure, the dreaded task was made so much easier by having Dr. Kowalski come by the house to administer the shot. Instead of being subjected to the trauma of a trip to strange surroundings and unfamiliar smells, Shady was able to drift quietly to sleep in my lap in her very own front yard. To me, it was the one last thing I could do for her to repay her for so many faithful years."

Linda G., Ross, Ohio


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